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History Fête de la Cuisine

In 2004, Mr Henri Brookson was invited by the management of the Mondriaan Middelbare Hotelschool in The Hague (the Netherlands), for the festive celebration of their 25th anniversary. For this occasion, 12 top chefs from Netherlands were invited to prepare a super meal for invited guests. The chefs were o.a. Jonnie Boer of Librije from Zwolle, Cees Helder Park Hill in Rotterdam, Cas Spijkers restaurant Chez Cas in Amsterdam, Paul Fagel of Het Arsenal in Naarden and Henk Savelberg Restaurant Savelberg in Voorburg. It was a culinary feast of the highest order.
Fete de la Cuisine St. Maarten
Afterwards Mr. Brookson complimented the chefs for their shown craftsmanship. In his enthusiasm, he told them that he would like to bring them to St. Maarten. On which one of the chefs replied: "If you invite me, I will surely come along." And this was the beginning of the first edition of the Fête de la Cuisine.